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Shifting Sands 2016

The history of the three mile stretch of sand that is Aberavon Beach could be considered to reflect the changing fortunes of the town of Port Talbot.  

Today its mostly more sedate pace of leisure belies the fact that it was once a busy traditional holiday destination for the surrounding South Wales valleys when coach loads of families would descend with their buckets and spades.  Local people too enjoyed the beach en masse as whole streets of mothers and children would camp out for the day during the school holidays.

The beach continues to draw people of all ages and backgrounds.  It’s a meeting place for friends, family, community groups or one’s self.  It is a space of quiet contemplation and boisterous activity.  A space that provides for the individual along side the group.

Aberavon Beach-8618


Aberavon Beach-8633
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Aberavon Beach-8613
Aberavon Beach-8607



Aberavon Beach-8602
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